ISK HF-2010 studiokuulokkeet

Alehinta69,00 €


Hyvät, puoliavoimet around ear stereokuulokkeet järkihintaan.
Erinomainen hinta-laatusuhde!
  • elegant design, semi-open structure, including the ear headphones, sound quality is more clear;
  • special technology of high-quality leather caps, soft velvet honeycomb big earmuffs, make the wearer more beautiful and comfortable;
  • Balance reduce environmental noise, smooth and natural sound performance, delicate, high-frequency crystal clear, precise place intermediate frequency, low-frequency fullness strong, structured.
  • 53mm large diameter drive unit and Tune perfect match, create a perfect sound quality;
  • high-performance NdFeB magnetic system to achieve a first-class transient dynamic response;

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